Connected+Protected Water

Water Sensors (3)

Protects your home by detecting water and notifying you immediately, so you can ensure that a small leak doesn’t become a big one.

Smart Plug

Control lighting remotely and create automated schedules. Simply plug in a lamp and enjoy easy remote and pre-programmed lighting control.

Meet the Smart Water Valve+Meter

The Key to Whole-Home Water Protection

Advanced engineering

Highest quality components

Cutting-edge software

Affordable price

Designed for easy installation

Why our Connected+Protected kits?

Deliver More Value

Prevent water damage, uncover hidden leaks and provide insight to reduce water bills.

Customer Loyalty

Proactively reach out to customers when leaks or spikes in water consumption are detected.

Peace of Mind

Customers won’t worry about water damage and always know who to call for a new water heater.

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