Smart Home Add-ons

Start with our kits. Add anything your customers want. All controlled with one Mobile App.

Video Monitoring

With our full line of indoor and outdoor HD video cameras, your customers will always know what’s going on at home. They can check in live with the Mobile App and get intelligent video alerts on important activity.



Offer all the smart lock styles and finishes your customers want with the functionality they need. Remotely lock/unlock doors and assign user codes to keep track of who’s coming and going.

And with a smart garage door controller, your customers will never wonder whether it’s left open again.


Provide your customers with convenience and energy savings by adding smart plugs, outlets, wall switches and dimmers. They will never need to worry about coming home to a dark house.


Door & Window Sensors

Customers can get alerts when a door is opened at an unusual time or left open. Sensors work with other smart devices, so customers’ lights can automatically turn on when they come home, or their air conditioning turns off when a window is left open.

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