Connected+Protected Air

A smart home, made simple

The Connected+Protected Air kit is an all-in-one system that makes it
easy for you to deliver a comprehensive smart home solution.

Deliver More

For the cost of a single “smart” thermostat, Connected+Protected Air delivers a smart home solution that keeps your customers safe and comfortable while protecting the home’s most expensive system, its HVAC.

Connect with Customers

Build customer loyalty with HVAC monitoring that enables you to proactively fix small issues before they become big problems. Your maintenance plans become more attractive when combined with smart home functionality customers will use every day.

What comes in Connected+Protected Air?


Provides your home with a dedicated cellular network, connects all your devices, and creates a seamless experience with the Mobile App and website.

Smart Thermostat HD*

The Smart Thermostat HD offers a sleek touch screen display and works with other connected devices to optimize energy savings and deliver unmatched convenience.

Smart Thermostat & Sensor*

Automatically adjusts to save energy when you’re out and the Sensor can adjust the temperature precisely where you need it.

Smart Plug

Control lighting remotely and create automated schedules. Simply plug in a lamp and enjoy easy remote and pre-programmed lighting control.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Siren and Mobile App alerts can save lives. When integrated with the Smart Thermostat, it automatically shuts off the HVAC system to prevent CO from being produced or distributed.

Dry Contact Sensor

Alerts you before your cooling system’s condensate pan overflows, allowing time to act before major water damage or mold growth can occur.

Water Sensor

Protects your home by detecting water and notifying you immediately, so you can ensure that a small leak doesn’t become a big one.

*Kit contains one thermostat, either Smart Thermostat HD (T-40) or Smart Thermostat (T-2000), and one Temperature Sensor.

Why our Connected+Protected kits?

Deliver More Value

Proactive monitoring delivers alerts to you and your customers that help prevent HVAC system failures.

Reduce Truck Rolls

Use remote diagnostics to identify and confirm potential HVAC issues before dispatching a technician.

Peace of Mind

Easy-to-install smart home technology with proven reliability in over 5 million properties.

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