Connected+Protected Lights

A smart home, made simple

The Connected+Protected Lights kit is an all-in-one system that makes it
easy for you to deliver a comprehensive smart home solution.

Save Energy

Provide your customers with energy-saving convenience. They can know when lights are on in empty rooms and adjust from anywhere, including the sofa.

Improve Safety

Stop tripping in the dark. Location-based automation ensures customers come home to a well-lit house and Smart Schedules can make it appear someone is home during a vacation or night out.

What comes in Connected+Protected Lights?


Provides your home with a dedicated cellular network, connects all your devices, and creates a seamless experience with the Mobile App and website.

Smart PlugS (2)

Control lighting remotely and create automated schedules. Simply plug in a lamp and enjoy easy remote and pre-programmed lighting control.

Wall switches (3)

Delivers the true smart home lighting experience homeowners want, but few can install themselves. Multiple lights can be controlled with a single tap to shortcut bedtime or set the perfect ambiance.

Door & Window Sensor

Get an alert when a door is opened at an unusual time or left open. Sensors work with other smart devices so your lights can automatically turn on when you come home.

Why our Connected+Protected kits?

Customer Loyalty

The Mobile App can feature your brand and enables customers to directly schedule service appointments.

Expandable Solution

Customers can expand their smart home solutions with video monitoring and more, all controlled by the same Hub and Mobile App.

Peace of Mind

Easy-to-install smart home technology with proven reliability in over 5 million properties.

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